Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to Get a Free VPS

How to Get a Free VPS

In 2007 I have started this Manga related forum with a friend of mine. This forum has become hyper active in couple of months so we were kicked out of  the free shared hosting service we were using. After that we used half dozen of web hosting services till we had a 2 year stint at Godaddy Hosting. Anyway at end we had to get a VPS but it was really expensive choice those days. 128MB RAM VPS would cost around $5 but these providers didn't last long. They always vanished and we had to use another provider again and again. This happened still we found Knownhost where we had to buy a 1GB VPS + cPanel/WHM for around $35 per month. They are the best service I have ever used and we still use them ever since.

But today you don't need to spend that much for a vps. There are insanly cheap cloud vps packages and even 2GB RAM vps with ssd can be bought for around $5 per month. If you don't have way to pay then there are are even free vps service providers. They offer you server in exchange of staying active in their forums. Post for Hosting has been around for ages but offering vps servers have started only couple of years ago. is the best free vps provider out there and there is no contest for that. They have service which they rented by them selves and also servers sponsored by various VPS providers. They do hold a give away every month where more than 20  vps offered. Cost is creating 15 posts in every month in exchange using the server. I have been using them for over 3 year now and have had server for 2 years. is another similar service which has founded quite recently. But they are slowly growing and increasing their pool of servers. You need to make 20 posts per month to keep a vps.

There are several more sites like these but I can recommend only these two since I used both. I wish we had these free vps offers when we were struggling with that forum I told about.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Loosing Love For Weloveservers

Loosing Love For Weloveservers

My relationship with has started when they had taken over the small cheap web hosting provider called Tugu hosting. I make two posts about them before, one was WeLoverServers is Having Server Problems. and other one was Customer Support is Good. Well sadly I can say still their servers are pretty bad.

There are good things about WeLoveServers. Their customer support is pretty quick and nice for a cheap vps provider. Also their prices are amazingly low even for a budget vps provider. That's the reason why I ended up buying even another server from them few months backs. Well, when u see an ad about 3GB RAM VPS for 32usd per year, (Yes per year) you get greedy and forget to think carefully and straight. I even got 2 ip addresses along with the vps. If you put $24 per year for those two I have received server for just $6 per year. So yeah I jumped at chance and bought it.

It was really nice first 2 months. It was fast and there were no downtime. The just since August I started getting small dose of downtimes daily basis. I didn't mind those at begin since those were always less than 5 minutes. But sadly things only got worse. At end I had to talk to support and I had to get sever moved to another and it was in Los Angeles. This is where things have started gone even more down the hill. imidiatly I noticed new 2 IP addresses are black listed by multiple sites. Changing ips didn't work since those range is black listed. Also down times are still there even though not worse like before.

So yeah if you going to buy those damn cheap servers and location you get it is Los Angeles then I can be 99% sure you get is black listed ips. They have given me so many promises those will be white listed in new few hours, 48 hours, 72 hours but I think I had to accept the fact this wont happen, Whole ip range is abused by spammers and I don't think those ip range will be de-listed, ever !

I can't say it's all their fault. Their servers are not exactly crappy but since this ultra cheap prices those are always oversold and crowded and but I sure these have become spammers paradise since so low prices. It's sad to see a good hosting company going to shit. I can see they are offering more and more huge web hosting promo prices but what  don't see it how they will handle the situation which is keep getting worse.

Even at Lowcostbox they are not getting any good reviews anymore. Maybe those who use other locations like UK based servers haven't effected yet but LA users are doomed. This is not a WeloveServers Review but just a small ranting about hard time I'm having. I really hope they will do something about this before their long time clients loose love for

Monday, August 31, 2015

Cancelled Iniz Hosting Account

Cancelled Iniz Hosting Account

End of the last year I posted about Iniz hosting company sold to another company. I had been using them till end of the July but at end I decided to cancel the account. Since begining of this year server was having small down times nearly everyday. from few seconds to 30 minutes. I wrote them about it and their respond was they haven't received any complained about down-times or they noticed any.

They asked me to install WinMTR and show me result but by then I have already decided to move sites since I have received really nice offer from WeLoveServers. Still I wanted to see if problem is something to do with my sites so I format the vps and leave it empty still the next billing day. Downtimes didn't stop happening so I guess problem was not exactly happen coz of my sites.

I think it's another company site which is going down hill since taken over by new owners. Their support is not bad and responds quickly but down times were not something happened to previous owner. Also we was a member of WHT so we could contact him directly there or get a public explanations if something happened.

Anyway I have to say goodbye to Niniz. I have used them for several years and had no trouble for long time. They were a really good cheap hosting provider.

Thursday, May 7, 2015 Review Review

Five years ago when I bought the first vps there weren't any legit free vps providers or anyone who give something really working. Those days 128MB vps cost me around $5 and even it was not a stable one. For years I thought free vps something not real. Those fake vps sites like Jelly3, Jelly5 didn't help it either. It was only 2 years old I discovered I was skeptical at begin but there there were so many members who had vps in forum my doubts cleared.

It looks like they have been around for 5 years !! At the moment they are the market leader in Free vps niche. Simply no other site can complete with them. They have dozen or more sponsors and also they give away vps funded by them selves. 

Their Requirements are simple. You need to have 30 posts at least. 55+ in their special score. It's kind of point system. So sometimes you might need more than 30 posts to reach this minimum score. or you might reach it even with less. All depends on how long your posts and reputation points you receive from others.

Every month they have a giveaway and you can apply for vps when this happen. There are vps from different locations, different specs and different providers. If you already have a free vps but want give it back get a different one then you can do that too.

Right now I have a free vps with 1GB RAM and 50GB space. It's from Hostigation. It's not a sponsor. All vps from them are funded by the forum. Support is provided by forum staff, you can't directly contact the vps provider. But Staff members are friendly and experienced with vps related matters. 

You can register here >>  Here <<

There are several other free vps providers out there but is the No. 1 in the list. Their servers are from web hosting providers so you can use those for your sites without a problem.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Iniz Hosting Sold

Iniz Hosting Sold

There were lots of rumors about Iniz Hosting is Sold to another company since last month but only today I received a mail from them about. So Iniz is really sold to this company called Zeniva Limited. So that might be end of another good web hosting company. But we can not say things will go bad just because it was taken over by another company but usually things get bad from good when this happens. We can't predict about future here since we don't know much about new owner.

What we know is the person is quite young and he created this new company called Zeniva Limited last month just to take over Iniz. So this is not usual one web hosting company taking over another. Also the person is not known in Hosting industry. The mail said they have no intentions to change anything for current users. I guess they will keep the brand name too without changing it. Previous owner Patrick Hayward is known around web hosting forums and he claims he no longer has time to run a Hosting company with his offline job. But you can see plenty of chatter in places like WHT and LowendTalk why he has sold the business.

Iniz Hosting started as StormVZ and I have been there for more than two years since the start. I had a good promo deal and their servers are pretty fast. Server was great to so far never problems and less than dozen support tickets opened in last two years. I hope things will stay same in future too. I prefer to give a chance this new company keep it same like before.

This was kind of mainly a one man show since many bought hosting their become of previous owners reputation. Usually small hosting companies end up taken over by larger web hosting companies sooner or later. But I was not expecting it would happen to Iniz too.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Black Friday Deals 2014

Black Friday Hosting Offers 2014

In two weeks Black Friday 2014 shopping rush will start. There will be lots of Web Hosting promo deals in Hosting market too. Last year I bought some shared hosting packages from Black Friday promos. Cheap Web Hosting packages which only cost around $1 - $2. This year I don't think I will buy any new packages. I have more than enough hosting space and even for search engine optimization purpose I don't need that many anymore. Also I'm down sizing my web site list.

Anyway if you plan to buy hosting packages this time make sure to do your homework first about each provider. You might find some Black Friday Hosting offers for ultra cheap but remember price is not the only factor which matters. There are new providers who offer so cheap deals but then simply vanish after a while or their service worse with time. Not all new hosting providers are like that but unfortunately there are more useless guys than good providers. So it's good if you make a list of all promising cheap hosting deals you can find and then check about each web hosting provider before you buy. Going for most reputed providers will help you to stay out of long term trouble.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WeLoverServers Having Server Problems

WeLoverServers Having Server Problems

I haven't had any problems with WeLoveServers ever since they bought Tugu hosting but I noticed couple of small downtimes in every month unlike when I was with Tugu host. Well one I have is ultra cheap 20 USD per year vps so I don't expect a lot but I do like stable servers how cheap those are. Everyone want hosting packages for keep their sites 100% up and running no matter it's a cheap hosting provider or high end expensive hosting provider. We all know high-end hosting providers like KownHost provides a excellent service. When someone complains about a cheap hosting provider the usual reply you get is What you pay is What you get. It's kind of true most of the time.

I'm having bit of trouble with WeLoveServer since August and I didn't bother about it much. I did open a support ticket once and it was promptly answered. But since last month I was having problems in SolusVM. I was getting error messge when I was trying to restart or shut down sever even couldn't change host name because I was getting a error. So I opened a ticket and asked about this and shocked by the reply I received. I was just told " Your VPS has been consumed over CPU usage thereby it affects the host node too ". This can happen even thought I had only 4 sites and all are updated. I'm not sure it's the reason. Anyway I decided it can be something to do with my side so I decided to just forget about and support person restarted the server even I couldn't. Problem was there for another 2 days and then mysteriously everything started working fine again.

I noticed there have been bit of chatter in Web hosting forums about their service since begin of this year and some people were having frequent downtime. Some cases was similar to mind so I had a feeling it might not something to do with my node. Anyway I decided to give it a go for another month and see how things work. I can cancel the server end of this month and find another discount offer from BlackFriday offers if things keep getting bad.