Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WeLoverServers Having Server Problems

WeLoverServers Having Server Problems

I haven't had any problems with WeLoveServers ever since they bought Tugu hosting but I noticed couple of small downtimes in every month unlike when I was with Tugu host. Well one I have is ultra cheap 20 USD per year vps so I don't expect a lot but I do like stable servers how cheap those are. Everyone want hosting packages for keep their sites 100% up and running no matter it's a cheap hosting provider or high end expensive hosting provider. We all know high-end hosting providers like KownHost provides a excellent service. When someone complains about a cheap hosting provider the usual reply you get is What you pay is What you get. It's kind of true most of the time.

I'm having bit of trouble with WeLoveServer since August and I didn't bother about it much. I did open a support ticket once and it was promptly answered. But since last month I was having problems in SolusVM. I was getting error messge when I was trying to restart or shut down sever even couldn't change host name because I was getting a error. So I opened a ticket and asked about this and shocked by the reply I received. I was just told " Your VPS has been consumed over CPU usage thereby it affects the host node too ". This can happen even thought I had only 4 sites and all are updated. I'm not sure it's the reason. Anyway I decided it can be something to do with my side so I decided to just forget about and support person restarted the server even I couldn't. Problem was there for another 2 days and then mysteriously everything started working fine again.

I noticed there have been bit of chatter in Web hosting forums about their service since begin of this year and some people were having frequent downtime. Some cases was similar to mind so I had a feeling it might not something to do with my node. Anyway I decided to give it a go for another month and see how things work. I can cancel the server end of this month and find another discount offer from BlackFriday offers if things keep getting bad.

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