Thursday, November 13, 2014

Black Friday Deals 2014

Black Friday Hosting Offers 2014

In two weeks Black Friday 2014 shopping rush will start. There will be lots of Web Hosting promo deals in Hosting market too. Last year I bought some shared hosting packages from Black Friday promos. Cheap Web Hosting packages which only cost around $1 - $2. This year I don't think I will buy any new packages. I have more than enough hosting space and even for search engine optimization purpose I don't need that many anymore. Also I'm down sizing my web site list.

Anyway if you plan to buy hosting packages this time make sure to do your homework first about each provider. You might find some Black Friday Hosting offers for ultra cheap but remember price is not the only factor which matters. There are new providers who offer so cheap deals but then simply vanish after a while or their service worse with time. Not all new hosting providers are like that but unfortunately there are more useless guys than good providers. So it's good if you make a list of all promising cheap hosting deals you can find and then check about each web hosting provider before you buy. Going for most reputed providers will help you to stay out of long term trouble.

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