Friday, November 21, 2014

Iniz Hosting Sold

Iniz Hosting Sold

There were lots of rumors about Iniz Hosting is Sold to another company since last month but only today I received a mail from them about. So Iniz is really sold to this company called Zeniva Limited. So that might be end of another good web hosting company. But we can not say things will go bad just because it was taken over by another company but usually things get bad from good when this happens. We can't predict about future here since we don't know much about new owner.

What we know is the person is quite young and he created this new company called Zeniva Limited last month just to take over Iniz. So this is not usual one web hosting company taking over another. Also the person is not known in Hosting industry. The mail said they have no intentions to change anything for current users. I guess they will keep the brand name too without changing it. Previous owner Patrick Hayward is known around web hosting forums and he claims he no longer has time to run a Hosting company with his offline job. But you can see plenty of chatter in places like WHT and LowendTalk why he has sold the business.

Iniz Hosting started as StormVZ and I have been there for more than two years since the start. I had a good promo deal and their servers are pretty fast. Server was great to so far never problems and less than dozen support tickets opened in last two years. I hope things will stay same in future too. I prefer to give a chance this new company keep it same like before.

This was kind of mainly a one man show since many bought hosting their become of previous owners reputation. Usually small hosting companies end up taken over by larger web hosting companies sooner or later. But I was not expecting it would happen to Iniz too.

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