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Five years ago when I bought the first vps there weren't any legit free vps providers or anyone who give something really working. Those days 128MB vps cost me around $5 and even it was not a stable one. For years I thought free vps something not real. Those fake vps sites like Jelly3, Jelly5 didn't help it either. It was only 2 years old I discovered I was skeptical at begin but there there were so many members who had vps in forum my doubts cleared.

It looks like they have been around for 5 years !! At the moment they are the market leader in Free vps niche. Simply no other site can complete with them. They have dozen or more sponsors and also they give away vps funded by them selves. 

Their Requirements are simple. You need to have 30 posts at least. 55+ in their special score. It's kind of point system. So sometimes you might need more than 30 posts to reach this minimum score. or you might reach it even with less. All depends on how long your posts and reputation points you receive from others.

Every month they have a giveaway and you can apply for vps when this happen. There are vps from different locations, different specs and different providers. If you already have a free vps but want give it back get a different one then you can do that too.

Right now I have a free vps with 1GB RAM and 50GB space. It's from Hostigation. It's not a sponsor. All vps from them are funded by the forum. Support is provided by forum staff, you can't directly contact the vps provider. But Staff members are friendly and experienced with vps related matters. 

You can register here >>  Here <<

There are several other free vps providers out there but is the No. 1 in the list. Their servers are from web hosting providers so you can use those for your sites without a problem.

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