Sunday, July 27, 2014

5Jelly and Hostinger

5Jelly and Hostinger

Just like I thought 5Jelly and 3Jelly free vps sites are also projects of  Hostinger Web hosting company which is also owns infamous YouHosting and sites. Someone joined under my referrals and he has receive another free offer from out of nowhere so we can safely assume everyone use same contact detail data base.

It's same layout and control panel just different free sub domains. But I have to admit their new control panel and options look neat. You can forget about free vps accounts because it won't happen but their free shared hosting accounts seems pretty good. Maybe it's too early to say since I do have ugly previous experience with them. But I have to read more and find out how their free hosting account works because last time they deleted my account for lack of referrals.  I had no idea we needed keep having referrals to keep the account alive. I wonder if it's same still. Another thing is their support service is terrible or at least it used to be. Maybe now things are better.

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