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In short it's a total waste of time. They suspended it even I could run it for 48 hours and only once logged into server and didn't have time even to run a Benchmark test. Ah I have to mention this happened a while back when they started the this free vps service. I thought to write about this because yesterday I found few interested forum posts where few members mentioned about and their experience with it.

Lets start with something someone posted at forums. I thought it's better post the whole post so check this, (source)

Long version - apparently I needed to verify my mobile number. On adding my mobile number, I got an error, so I tried to contact their support, only to find that none of the links on the website work. I then call the UK number on their contact page (a UK mobile number), only to be told by the person that answered that I'd got the wrong number. I read it back and confirmed it was the right number.

I then tried looking up the WHOIS data for their domain, tracked it to who provide webhosting, then to who seem to provide their back-end servers. Talked to someone from their support who said they had no knowledge of

So you can see from that post and any other reviews you can find on Google their contact details are pretty useless and phone numbers might be even fake.

Seems is run by, Same company which owns and runs the infamous free hosting provider Since this one is one of their projects you can safely assume it not something good for anyone who looking for good free vps.

There were another couple of forum posts where people talking about if is just a personal data collector. (Link)  and (Link). Another person who has save problem I had. But he was lucky enough to run few Benchmark tests to check the vps he got (Link).

I really don't know what kind of scam they are running or it's they just sux and a total waste But I can tell you if you are looking for a free vps then better look somewhere else. You are not gonna get anything from them and if you get a free node by any chance it won't last very long.

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