Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5jelly Free VPS Hosting Review

5jelly Free VPS Hosting Review

First I have to say I haven't received a free VPS from 5jelly host or that I believe it's really possible to offer a 1GB Ram VPS forever for 20 referrals. My KnownHost VPS has only 1.5GB RAM and I pay around $50 for that. There's only VPS provider who I believe offer really cheap VPS that's a 1GB RAM vps for only $20 year. Even that's was a promo offer so I don't talk about it or want to mention about the provider. 

Anyway 5Jelly says they offer 1GB RAM vps for free if you collect 20 referrals. I haven't heard anything good about them and everyone says 5Jelly is a just a big scam. It seems they run a network of this type of sites which offer free vps. Here's some of those sites,


I wonder if these guys are part of YouHosting because layout, control panels and everything looks pretty much same. Only difference is YouHosting has active forum and seems paid customers too. These 5Jelly, 3Jelly, Yocats provider seems to have none.

I have to admit one thing. Their free shard hosting which you get when you register is really good. I haven't seen any downtime and sites load pretty fast. I installed a Wordpress on their free subdomain using script installer in their control panels and everything worked smoothly. I don't know how long they will last but if you are looking for good free hosting provider then you might want to try them. They don't but Ads and they let you host TLDs too. What I want to find is if we need to collect referrals to keep this account alive too or not. At YouHosting you need referrals to keep your free hosting account.

I use the blog I made there for my T2 black links to other sites. I think it's really great way to get some back links to your main web sites. All you have to do is point some low quality back links to your 5jelly blog, stuff like social bookmarks, Wiki links and profiles links. 5jelly might not be useful as a free vps provider but their shared hosting is not bad.

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