Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hudsonvalleyhost Windows VPS After A Week

Hudsonvalleyhost Windows VPS After A Week

Last week I wrote about Hudsonvalleyhosts new Windows vps offers and I bought a box with 1GB Ram for $7.50. That's with a 25% reoccurring promo code. So after a week it's still running well no downtime so far and I haven't had to contact their support for any reason. Still now I haven't tried to test it's limits and just running a Pinterest software 24 hours a day.

I think speed if fine for 1GB box. You get a 1 core and download speed is around 90Mbps all 3 times I have checked so far. Not the best but you can't except anything more for just $7.50. There are vps providers who offer more but I have seen their sales topics are full of angry customers who complain about down times and slow support.

So far this Windows is running pretty well. I want to run GSA SE Ranker and see how's the performance. I have seen so many people searching for good vps to run GSA SE Ranker and this might be one of really good choices out there in market right now.

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