Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hudsonvalleyhost Cheap WIndows VPS Hosting

Few days ago I received this promotion mail from Hudsonvalleyhost about their new Windows KVM VPS hosting packages. They are not SEO hosting provider so I was not sure if these packages have any value for me since I only use Linux VPS. After all most of conventional Web hosting provider don't provide or frown upon SEO related service because high bandwidth and resource usage.

First good thing I noticed was their prices are really low and good enough for anyone who search for Windows VPS to run those SEO related scripts or software. But the problem was I had no idea if they allow these software or not. So I send them a message about running applications like GSA Search Engine Ranker in their Windows servers. Respond was they are fine with it.

Since this offer is a promotion you get 25% off with the promo code they have sent which is 25offwindows. So I had to buy one the test. Prices are too good to be true but these are. After all HudsonValleyHost is a reputed vps hosting provider and I have use them for more than two years.

With this promo code I bought a 1GB Ram, 75 GB RAID-10, 4TB Monthly Bandwidth package for just $7.50 with one free IP address. Account creation is instant so I received server details right away in my mail. For VPN access you need to activate it login to VPS control panel.

There was a minor problem with IP address but it was sorted quickly after I opened a support ticket. Their support staff is very quick in respond and willing to help. It's not easy to find Low cost vps providers with fast support.

They do have other packages from $3.75 to $22.50 depending on amount of resources you get with the server. For example 3GB Ram Windows VPS is $22.50 with the promo code.

You can access to all their Windows and Linux VPS plans  >>  Here  <<

If you want to buy just select the package you want and then in shopping cart make sure to add the promo code for discounted price. They have discount codes for other hosting packages too,

50% Off Recurring on any unmanaged VPS account (Excluding our 15GB Yearly Unmanaged VPS) with use of coupon code: 50offunvps

25% Off Recurring on any managed VPS account with use of coupon code: 25offmanaged

75% Off Recurrig on any shared web hosting account with use of coupon code: 75offshared

50% Off Recurring on any reseller web hosting account with use of coupon code: 50offreseller14

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