Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brustnet Closing Down

Brustnet Closing Down

Brustnet have been in hosting market for over 10 years and they were specialized in providing cheap VPS and dedicated server solutions. They had mixed reviews just like most of low cost VPS providers since there are only few Budget VPS providers like Iniz vps hosting can keep providing a really good service and keep all clients happy with less downtime.

Anyway Back to the topic 25th last month they send mails to all their clients except for their CO-Location clients about this sad news. They are terminating services and closing down on 25th July. No point of talking about seasons but the main thing is they are having serious financial problems and even sued by several companies.

So now the biggest problem is what all these poor Brustnet clients would do or where to movie ? I think there are many vps and dedicated server providers offering promo deals for them but finding a good hosting provider and also moving everything again is a really a pain.

It's not easy to find a good vps provider who can offer same price rage as Brustnet used provide but There are couple of good cheap vps hosting providers out there. I use Iniz Hosting and also Hudson Valley Host and they both offer you really good prices and very reliable services. Iniz offer really good self managed VPS servers and Hudson Valley Host has some of the cheapest managed vps solutions in market. You can check their prices and features here,

  • Iniz vps Hosting  >> Here  <<

  • Hudson Valley Host >> Here <<

They are really good providers and I have used them for years also there's KnownHost but their prices bit high since they are a high-end server provider. If you are a BrustNet client then make sure to take a full backup right away. You can't be sure when they will down their servers even though they have given time till 25th. Don't wait till last second.

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