Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Iniz Web Hosting Review

Iniz Web Hosting Review

Iniz is a VPS hosting provider and they do not offer shared hosting but I decide to write about them because they are a low cost provider yet their service is reliable and very good. Since I'm talking about cheapest web hosting here I thought they deserve a chance too. I found them in 2012 and they were a bit new those days and their brand name was StormVZ. They were UK based so I decided to take a budget vps from them because their prices are really good and I didn't see any bad reviews about them.

I still use that vps and now it's one year and 6 months since I have started using them. So far I have had no problems with them. I don't think I made more than half dozen of support tickets and everything was promptly answered and sorted. Never had long down times except for once when they were moving their servers to another data center and even that was less than 24 hours I think.

They are a cheap VPS provider but that doesn't mean their service is cheap, just their prices. I think the better phrase is they are a low budget vps hosting provider. Do do offer both OpenVZ and KVM vps hosting plans. You can choose different locations like USA, UK and Netherlands.

Their OpenVZ plans start from £3.00/mo but if you want the best deal for your bucks then you should go for their £12.00/mo which has 4 vCores,120GB HDD, 2048MB RAM ,2TB Bandwidth. They do have even better KVM deals. For £4.50 for month you can get a 3 vCores, 60GB HDD, 1024MB RAM, 1.5TB Bandwidth sever and that's my favorite vps plan of theirs.If you think you need a larger plan you can upgrade your configurations if you want though.

You can find their all prices and plans >> Here

Another good thing is they do allow legal adult content. So if you are searching for cheap adult web hosting then you might find something for you here. Like any other professional web hosting service they do not allow Torrents, Mining etc. You can get a full list of things you can do and can't from their TOS page.

Usual problem with cheap web hosting providers and vps providers is they are not reliable and you get frequent down times. But professional vps hosting providers like Iniz shows that there is a still hope and chance to find a really good low budget service in hosting market. If you are new to VPS hosting and this is your first time to buy a VPS service then They are a good choice. Specially if you have a low budget and can't go for a managed VPS plan. Once you get your vps configured you won't have any trouble at all.

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