Saturday, May 24, 2014

WeLoveServers Takeover Tuguhost

WeLoveServers Takeover Tuguhost

Last month I received a mail from Tuguhost stating WeLoveServers has bought Tuguhost so they are handling support and everything from now on. I hadn't heard about WeLoveServers hosting service before so I was curious about how think would end. I found they have staff members at WebHostingTalks forum, which is an very good sign. Also there were bad reviews about them. All negative reviews I found looks more like clients fault than providers. 

Tuguhost used to a good cheap web hosting provider with good uptime and even I have had an VPS with them. They had a great Promo offer last year for $20 per year VPS. I still have it and it's pretty good for that price. But back in February it had some down times and things got worse in March. They was a week long down time and Negative reviews started flooding in from angry clients.

I was really happy to see this merge because I had a feeling Tuguhost original owners are no longer able to handle things properly. But usual problem with this type of merge is clients get suspicious and start having problems. Fortunately in this case I think all Tuguhost clients were glad about merge and WeLoveServers hosting service has lived up to expectations. I haven't noticed any downtimes since then.

I have to remind everyone to make sure take backups no matter how good your hosting provider is. Sometimes things happen and Providers could go bankrupt or service could crash. Rather than blaming hosting providers later or regretting about it you should take timely backups.

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