Monday, August 31, 2015

Cancelled Iniz Hosting Account

Cancelled Iniz Hosting Account

End of the last year I posted about Iniz hosting company sold to another company. I had been using them till end of the July but at end I decided to cancel the account. Since begining of this year server was having small down times nearly everyday. from few seconds to 30 minutes. I wrote them about it and their respond was they haven't received any complained about down-times or they noticed any.

They asked me to install WinMTR and show me result but by then I have already decided to move sites since I have received really nice offer from WeLoveServers. Still I wanted to see if problem is something to do with my sites so I format the vps and leave it empty still the next billing day. Downtimes didn't stop happening so I guess problem was not exactly happen coz of my sites.

I think it's another company site which is going down hill since taken over by new owners. Their support is not bad and responds quickly but down times were not something happened to previous owner. Also we was a member of WHT so we could contact him directly there or get a public explanations if something happened.

Anyway I have to say goodbye to Niniz. I have used them for several years and had no trouble for long time. They were a really good cheap hosting provider.

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