Saturday, October 31, 2015

Loosing Love For Weloveservers

Loosing Love For Weloveservers

My relationship with has started when they had taken over the small cheap web hosting provider called Tugu hosting. I make two posts about them before, one was WeLoverServers is Having Server Problems. and other one was Customer Support is Good. Well sadly I can say still their servers are pretty bad.

There are good things about WeLoveServers. Their customer support is pretty quick and nice for a cheap vps provider. Also their prices are amazingly low even for a budget vps provider. That's the reason why I ended up buying even another server from them few months backs. Well, when u see an ad about 3GB RAM VPS for 32usd per year, (Yes per year) you get greedy and forget to think carefully and straight. I even got 2 ip addresses along with the vps. If you put $24 per year for those two I have received server for just $6 per year. So yeah I jumped at chance and bought it.

It was really nice first 2 months. It was fast and there were no downtime. The just since August I started getting small dose of downtimes daily basis. I didn't mind those at begin since those were always less than 5 minutes. But sadly things only got worse. At end I had to talk to support and I had to get sever moved to another and it was in Los Angeles. This is where things have started gone even more down the hill. imidiatly I noticed new 2 IP addresses are black listed by multiple sites. Changing ips didn't work since those range is black listed. Also down times are still there even though not worse like before.

So yeah if you going to buy those damn cheap servers and location you get it is Los Angeles then I can be 99% sure you get is black listed ips. They have given me so many promises those will be white listed in new few hours, 48 hours, 72 hours but I think I had to accept the fact this wont happen, Whole ip range is abused by spammers and I don't think those ip range will be de-listed, ever !

I can't say it's all their fault. Their servers are not exactly crappy but since this ultra cheap prices those are always oversold and crowded and but I sure these have become spammers paradise since so low prices. It's sad to see a good hosting company going to shit. I can see they are offering more and more huge web hosting promo prices but what  don't see it how they will handle the situation which is keep getting worse.

Even at Lowcostbox they are not getting any good reviews anymore. Maybe those who use other locations like UK based servers haven't effected yet but LA users are doomed. This is not a WeloveServers Review but just a small ranting about hard time I'm having. I really hope they will do something about this before their long time clients loose love for

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