Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WeLoveServers.net Customer Support is Good

I have this TuguHost VPS which I bought last year with BlackFriday promotion. Early this year Tuguhost was taken over by WeLoveServers.net. This VPS is not one use often so I didn't had any reason to contact new owners of the company. Today I found VPS down so I contacted support and open a ticket, With in 10 years it was fixed. Now that's impressive. I have no idea what was the problem but it was fix pretty fast.

Last year they also offered vps for great promo price. 1GB RAM vps for 19 USD per year. Now that was a really good offer and I wonder they will have something similar this year too. Something like this is great some those who are looking vps to host their hyper active medium size forum. If they have at least 100-200 daily active users then they should able to afford $20 a year for hosting.

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