Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to Get a Free VPS

How to Get a Free VPS

In 2007 I have started this Manga related forum with a friend of mine. This forum has become hyper active in couple of months so we were kicked out of  the free shared hosting service we were using. After that we used half dozen of web hosting services till we had a 2 year stint at Godaddy Hosting. Anyway at end we had to get a VPS but it was really expensive choice those days. 128MB RAM VPS would cost around $5 but these providers didn't last long. They always vanished and we had to use another provider again and again. This happened still we found Knownhost where we had to buy a 1GB VPS + cPanel/WHM for around $35 per month. They are the best service I have ever used and we still use them ever since.

But today you don't need to spend that much for a vps. There are insanly cheap cloud vps packages and even 2GB RAM vps with ssd can be bought for around $5 per month. If you don't have way to pay then there are are even free vps service providers. They offer you server in exchange of staying active in their forums. Post for Hosting has been around for ages but offering vps servers have started only couple of years ago. is the best free vps provider out there and there is no contest for that. They have service which they rented by them selves and also servers sponsored by various VPS providers. They do hold a give away every month where more than 20  vps offered. Cost is creating 15 posts in every month in exchange using the server. I have been using them for over 3 year now and have had server for 2 years. is another similar service which has founded quite recently. But they are slowly growing and increasing their pool of servers. You need to make 20 posts per month to keep a vps.

There are several more sites like these but I can recommend only these two since I used both. I wish we had these free vps offers when we were struggling with that forum I told about.

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