Friday, October 4, 2013

Mail from YouHosting

Mail from YouHosting

It's being over a month since I was told by Youhosting my account is canceled due to "no clients". Okey it was my mistake coz I didn't realized they give you free hosting to get other free and paid client for them. I checked their support and but I got get answer from their forum long before support responded. So I moved on. well I had already decided not to use it before Most of US, Canada and UK ISP providers have blocked their IP ranges. No point of having a commercial site hosting in a Hosting service which banned from all main markets. So thank you but I don't need it. I moved on.

Today I received another mail from YouHosting. 

Your hosting account has been canceled. Details of the account are below:
Hosting Plan: Default
Domain: xxxx
Reason: Abuse
Additional information: account was suspended for more than 4 weeks.
Please contact us if you have any questions or requests.

So it seems they have canceled my account due to Abuse. Domain name is hosted in better hosting provider over a month so this letter must be from past. Also it's just a Wordpress blog with very little content and zero traffic. They do have an interesting automated mail system. 

I'm not saying YouHosting is a scam but I can tell you 100% confidently that they are a huge pain in back. One headache after another, just trouble after trouble. Also they are very good at throwing the blame at you whatever the problem. Sometimes even for hilarious stuff like you might not have a single site hosting but still they would blame you for abusing SQL Server. So whover decide to use them, good luck with that !

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