Monday, September 2, 2013 Review Review is a free and paid reseller hosting provider. All I see is negative reviews about this web hosting provider so I just wanted to try them out see if these negative reviews are true or not. Well if you want the short version. Yep sux. Most of those negative reviews are truth. They probably have over 1000 users and there has to be few survivors but rest are not so fortunate. I created an account there are kept it for 3 months. So these are what I have found. Oh they have a forum too. You can find lots of interesting stuff about them there from pissed off users.

  • is a reseller hosting provider. Free or Paid. So keep your account there you must find 10 clients under you with in 3 months or less. If not you will be suspended and kicked out.

  • They have the right to send mails to your Clients. Seems it's in their TOS so not much you can do about that if you willing to signup. They do send hosting offer mails to your clients time to time.

  • Technical support is not so great. You can forget about the ticket system. Post it in their forum and you will get some help from other members. Like every other forum it has some good people willing to help. But there is a limit what they can do nothing related to account.

  • Some ISP providers in USA, Canada and UK have blocked servers. So if you are into affiliate or have paid clients, this going to be a huge problem. This is one huge turn off for me. Free or Paid if you loose your main market what's the point of hosting. There is thread dedicated to this in their forum. (Link)

  • If they have technical problems the some time their throw the fault at you. For example I installed a WP blog there.  no plugings and just one post. I got a mail after few weeks telling I'm executing a slow MySQL queries.

  • Also there are other limitations like 300 unique visits per day and max amount of my sql queries per day etc.

Well the bottom line is try your luck at your own risk. If you just need a free hosting provider to hosting your web site or sites then this is not the place for you. This might go for their resellers too since if they suspend the reseller account yours will be gone too. is a pretty bad provider and there aren't much good about them to tell.

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