Monday, July 1, 2013

Iniz Budget VPS Hosting

I thought about writing a review about this budget vps provider for while now but haven't had a chance till now. Iniz budget vps service is owned & operated By Web Phase Limited, An  UK registered company. Their owner is an member in Web Hosting Talks (WHT) forum so you can even contact home if you have any problems or need to clear anything. Iniz is formally known as StormVZ and have been around for year or more. I saw their VPS offers and Thought to give it a chance. So I have been with them since last December and haven't had any serious trouble. For all these months I haven't had to use support tickets more then 2-3 times and had everything sorted out promptly.

They offer both InShore and OffShore VPS. if you want normal VPS then you can pick one of these locations , Atlanta (GA), Buffalo (NY), Chicago (IL), Los Angele (CA) and OffShore VPS from Alblasserdam (NL). They had UK vps too while I was buying mine but I can't see the option now in their site. Maybe these are way too expensive to provide as a budget service. You can Have Normal disk or upto 40 GB SSD Disk.

Their lowest priced vps package is $4.57 and you get  2 vCores, 256MB RAM, 256MB vSwap, 20GB disk space and 500GB bandwidth plus 1Gbps Port. The biggest package Listed in their site 18.30 USD and you get 4 vCores, 2048MB RAM, 2948 vSwap, 120GB disk space (or 40GB SSD) 2000GB BandWidth and a 1Gbps Port. I would rather say Low budget VPS since it is not cheap as some other offers in market. But they do offer good support and their servers are solid. These are unmanaged VPS so you have take care of installing control panels and other things. It's not that hard it took me only around 2 hours to get all done.

One plus point about Iniz vps is they do allow legal adult web sites to be hosted. They don't allow everything which usually not allowed but any budget vps provider like Mass Mailing / Spam Scripts, IRC Networks, Torrents & Warez, Minecraft, QEMU / Windows (yep no Windows stuff in OpenVZ plans) and other regular stuff like Streaming / TOR / Phishing Sites / Proxy Scanners / Public Proxies/VPNs  etc. Also You do your own File Backups I don't think they take responsibility for that (nobody does these days).

Here's there Site Link  >>>  Here

One thing you need to remember is like many other budget vps providers they do not offer refunds. They might do it if they feel they should like for rare case but don't expect it. After all they are budget VPS host. So If you want to try their service you might need to pay $5 and rent it for a month. If you are not happy with the service you can drop or just keep it. Make sure to read both TOS. Biggest mistake most people do is they don't read TOS till they get into some trouble and then try to put blame on provider. Read it before buying anything and ask questions and get things cleared.  Its the best way to have less headaches when you buy an VPS !

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