Sunday, June 30, 2013

cPanel for Windows Hosting FREE

cPanel for Windows Hosting FREE

When I made last post I told cPanel is for Linux hosting and can't use it for Windows hosting. Today I found cPanel do have a side project for Windows hosting too. It's called Enkompass and cPanel offer is one year free ! Also it looks very much like cPanel and has more of same basic features too. cPanel site says  Enkompass interface mirrors that of cPanel & WHM for Linux. Difference is feature which are incompatible with Windows are removed. But still Enkompass do have all the reseller and user account features from cPanel and WHM. For some reason they offer it totally free for one whole year. So you can use it and find if it works for you. Enkompass will feel like home for those who have used cPanel for years with Linux hosting.

At the moment most popular Windows Hosting control panel is Parallels Plesk Panel and and the Plesk license  for a single Windows server with Unlimited Domains cost you $39.99 per month and  When you pay for annual it cost you $425 (with 11% discount). This is why most cheap web hosting providers do not offer Windows Hosting. Only big hosting companies like Godaddy, Hostgator and DreamHost able to stay with Windows hosting market and even they can't provide it cheap. Enkompass will reduce your Windows Hosting cost probably in half also you get one whole year for free. I'm not sure it might be powerful as Plesk right now but they will make it good enough.

Here are Login details for Enkompass domo accounts

Server Administrator and Reseller Interface - Here
Username: admin
Password: p@ssw0rd!

Website Owner Interface - Here
Username: enkdemo
Password: p@ssw0rd!

The panel has a manager for MySQL and another for MS SQL. Right now there are not so many features there but they will be keep adding. After all you get for one year free and so many things can happen in a year. They have a support forum and good documentation too. But my personal opinion is Enkompass has a long way to go, to catch up with Plesk. So if you use it you are not going get everything you get from cPanel or Plesk but remember you are getting this for free (at least one year). So you can use it for providing cheap Windows hosting or as testing platform for your self.

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