Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hudsonvalleyhost VPS Review

Hudsonvalleyhost VPS Review

After using several ultra useless cheap vps packages which hadn't last long I realized I can't handle unmanage VPS so I have started using VPS from one of the Top VPS providers in web hosting market today. It's around $50 per month so this VPS is not cheap at all. But it was for one of my big web forums and I didn't want to have my lousy sites in same place. Didn't want to have a down time for my forum because of one of those other not so important web sites. So I was back in Market again for reliable but cheap Mangaed VPS. I don't think cheap is not the right word for this.  The correct phrase is low cost VPS.  

I used another vps provider who gave me a good price I think $18 per month and I got a VPS with 512 RAM and enough other resources. But started having problems with after couple of months and then down times started popping. I was finding my sites and server down and I would open a ticket and after hour or 2 they would reply " nothing wrong from hour end. Working fine ". Ya rite. At first I believed but then I realized I'm the one who was getting fooled here. Also I found many more having this kinda problems with this company and a huge row on WHT about they under supplying what they promised. Now their owner is suspended from the forum.

Again I was back in market for another low-cost managed VPS. This time I was make sure to comb both Google search and WHT about reviews of these VPS providers. Last time I only went to mouth watering offers with low price and lots of resources. So this time I just wanted something decent for price I could afford.

After checking so many VPS providers who looked either suspicious or over priced I found Hudsonvalley hosting service. Their support is very good and have a decent response time. Haven't had much problems with them. They don't do backups (learned it hard way) They did a recovery after those New York floods but backup was few days long. But then I realized taking backups is my responsibility. Haven't had much trouble since then. Here are 2 of their best VPS plans,

Hudsonvalley Managed VPS ( Their lowest plan)

Normally $25/mo - NOW (20offvps): $20.00
60 GB RAID-10 Protected Storage
2000 GB Monthly Bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
 cPanel/WHM & Softaculous License

Hudsonvalley Un-Managed VPS

Normally $3.50/mo - NOW (20offvps): $2.80
25 GB RAID-10 Protected Storage
500 GB Monthly Bandwidth
256 MB RAM
1 IP Addresses

Use this Link >> Here  (then use the coupon code)

[ It has my affiliate link so while you are getting good service I will get some extra credits to get more resources. A fair deal since it doesn't cost you a thing ! :) ]

They do have more Plans and I think discount code will save you few dollars too. You get a good support, cPanel/WHM and decent amount of resource for good price. They are not an unltra cheap VPS providers but their service is worth for that price. If you are looking for cheapest Web Hosting in VPS market this might be not for you. But if you are looking for low cost but reliable VPS provider then check them out.

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  1. First thing first, After you ordered and paid for your VPS, you will get an detailed email from your VPS provider about your VPS public IPv4 and/or IPv6 address, VPS Control Panel (Virtuozzo, Solus Virtual Manager, OnApp, Virtualizor), your root login password and such. You will need a fresh Centos install on your VPS, it’s your choice of 32 bit version if your RAM is less than 4 GB or 64 bit version if you have more than 4 GB of RAM.
    How to setup a LAMP server Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP on Centos 6 VPS