Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting

Well I wonder if I talked about this before but Free Web Hosting is one topic which you will find in every single webmaster forum. Most people say Free web hosting sux and some say it's fine and Others would argue it's great. Everyone's right but I think my opinion is free web hosting can be helpful to everyone who work online. There are good free hosting providers and there are bad free hosting providers. You need to find the right free host for your need. Also not for all web sites you can use free hosting.  Only for small and new sites free web hosting is good. or when you want to make some Web 2.0 properties for SEO use.

If you have just started your online career then you can start with a free hosting. But even before than first it's better Start from place like Where you wouldn't need a domain name or Web hosting. Also you don't need to know any HTML. You can start your first web static web site on a free web hosting service. These days you can buy a domain name for less than 5 USD and most of the time you can find these for around $1 at Godaddy and few other places. So when you get your first domain you can host it at a free hosting service before move to a paid web hosting provider.

Why not using a cheap web hosting provider ? Well if your site is brand new and not earning anything you will be paying for hosting from your pocket. Maybe it's a good investment but not really necessary thing. Specially if you are going to use a unknown cheap web hosting provider because it won't be must different. Cheap Hosting providers usually use reseller accounts or ultra cheap VPS which have terrible uptime (being through this) I mean most of them not all of them. But chances are very big you end up with a crappy provider if you rent $1 hosting service.

A good free hosting service have a good uptime. Yes there are few Free Web Hosting providers who have been around for years and provide a paid hosting level service. You won't feel must different it's free or paid at all. Only catch is usually they only offer little resources and also some features are restricted before abuses. Free web hosting is not great for dynamic sites or Content management systems like Wordpress or Joomla. Yes you might able to manage but there will always problems. Specially when you use various plugins. But usually a good free web hosting provider give you good support through support forum.

Two very good free hosting providers are Frihost and Free Hostia. I FriHost is my favorite and I have used it since 2006 ! I still do have web sites hosted there. They are a post to host type free hosting provider. Means you have to stay active in their forum to keep your web hosting account. It's not hard since it's a big general forum where you can talk about anything from politics, movies , hobbies to webmaster related topics. Also only u need to do is earn 30 forum points. You can do that with 10 posts. They give you 1.5 GB space, 35 GB of traffic, A free sub-domain, Unlimited domains and sub-domains, Unlimited MySQL databases, Ftp access, cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel ! No forced ads on your sites ! Like I said it's just like a cheap shared hosting provider but with lot better forum based support. I have been with them for 7 years ! Not even most of cheap web hosting services can last that long.

The most important thing about a free web hosting provider is you need to find one who has lasted long and hosting providers who have a good plan to cover their costs. Unless they can earn back what they spend for servers they can't last long. This is what happens to most of free hosting providers. They offer crazy amount of resources to their users but have no solid plan to earn money from it. FriHost is a great example for how to run a good free web hosting service.

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