Wednesday, July 3, 2013

FriHost - Best Free Web Hosting Service

Best Free Web Hosting Service

I use free web hosting for various reasons. Mainly for Search Engine Optimization. I like to have my  second level sites spread out in different ip addresses. This way I can link those to my main sites without a problem and also All sites won't go out of action if my servers having down time. Also I used those to get web 2.0 properties with free sub domains usually free hosting providers offer. There aren't many great free web hosting services but there are few gems which you can use. Biggest problem is finding providers who would last long term not those who start a free hosting service without a plan or goal. is my favorite free web hosting service. I  believe they are the best free web hosting service in market today.  I joined them in early 2006 and I had join bunch of free hosting sites same time. Most of those sites were Post2Host type sites just like FriHost but none of these sites last more than couple of years. You have to stay active in their forum to keep your free hosting account. You get points for each post you made and you can earn put to 5 points per post. Points counted on length of your post so basically on number of characters your post has and can earn upto 50 points per day. You only need 1 point per day to keep your free web  hosting account active so You can even get this done in one day ! It's big forum so there are plenty of topics and boards to post.

When I first joined I received 250 MB space and 10 GB bandwidth But Now you get lot more than that ! FriHost offer 1500 MB of disk space, 35 GB of traffic, A free sub-domain, Unlimited addon domains and sub-domains, Php, perl, python, cgi, ssi and other scripting languages, Unlimited MySQL databases, Ftp access, Unlimited email accounts, cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel. It just like a normal shared web hosting account. You won't see big difference.

You get support from forum and this is better and faster than a usual ticket system. You get answers from both staff and other members so you don't need to wait long for a response. Uptime is very good too I haven't noticed any long down-times for years now. There was a week long down time several years back due to DDOS attack but nothing  after that. They use several VPS not just one server so not everyone experience downtime if something happens. I'm in a service which uses Direct Admin panel. first I was not happy but now I'm used to it and like it.

 The biggest reason why I like FriHost is their reliability. They have a plan how to make an income. They use forum advertisements as well as paid hosting to cover costs and keep the service running. They don't offer crazy amounts of resources so their free web hosting plans are realistic and practical. They have good set of rules and good group of staff members to keep things running smoothly. So basically they do run their free web hosting service just like a paid shared hosting service. This is have Frihost has been around for 8 years in this highly competitive web hosting market. So again I can say they are the best free web hosting service in the block today.


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