Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Godaddy Shared Hosting with 50% Discount

Cheapest Web Hosting

If you are looking for cheap shared hosting service for your Forum or blog  you might be interested in this. Godaddy is offering Promo price for their web hosting packages. So Their Economy shared web hosting package should cost you only $35.88 for whole year ! Well I saw they had this 50% promo offer at their site but I thought we might able to get more from it. But it's not and this Godaddy promo offer last only till End of the July or they say so.( Well they always come up with another same type of offer soon after) I think you get one domain name free also with this cool Godaddy Promo offer. Try this Promo code for that,


This is probably the cheapest Web Hosting offer you get from a Mega Web Hosting company at the moment. Hostgator hosting $66.72 for their lowest annual shared hosting plan. But you might able to find a code which will give you one month free. That's not cheap web hosting in my book. But they do offer you cPanel. This Godaddy promo offer is for those can't afford $66 for web hosting at the moment. I have seen talking angry about Godaddy hosting about I haven't had any trouble while I was using it.

Unfortunately I don't think this Godaddy discount code work for current web hosting users. If you want a cost reduction for your Godaddy web hosting renewals then try one of these renewal codes and you might some dollars saved. I'm not sure How long these codes will last and will be working but it's worth giving a  try.

gd3638pl - 32% Off

36% off

30% Off Codes

at least some of these Godaddy web hosting renewals promo codes should be working. Also you can try to combine these with your original 50% off one. Usually you can't use 2 codes together but there are rare times where you might get lucky. Something I do like about Godaddy is they always have some discount price for everything. You can always find cheaper solutions there. All you have to do is read carefully what they put in your plate. Yes. Before checkout from your cart make sure you have everything correct. Like 1 year or the time period you need (Godaddy automatically add 5 years to domain names. You have to remove it) Also the price and price after applying discount code. If your card has any other service you haven't pick. Make sure everything is in order. This will makes your life lot easy and less trouble.

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