Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cheap Offshore web Hosting

Cheap Offshore web Hosting

Are you looking for Cheap Offshore web Hosting providers ? These days there is a demand for cheap offshore hosting mainly for SEO purpose. People have so many different opinion about Offshore web Hosting. The most common believe is Web Hosting providers who use web servers outside of United States is Offshore web hosting services. This is not exactly the truth. But the real meaning of Offshore web hosting is hosting that is in a country other than where an individual or business is located. So if you are located in USA then any provider who offer web hosting from severs out side of US would be offshore web hosting. But this is not exactly what these days people search as offshore web hosting. But bottom line is offshore web hosting is used by those who want a web hosting service beyond the legal reach of the authorities in the country of the individual or business whose web site is belong.

People want Offshore hosting so their web sites are less affected by DMCA notices. But this is not something work these days unless you use servers somewhere in Russia or Asia. Canada and UK do not taken as offshore hosting because both countries work close with American law So whatever illegal in USA is illegal in Canada and UK too. I think the most favorite offshore hosting location is Netherlands. Germany probably take second place as offshore hosting locations. Malaysia and Romania are another 2 popular locations.  In reality you can't use offshore hosting for anything illegal like warez or hacking. If they receive DMCA notice they have to ask client to shut down the site or remove related content. But another good use for offshore hosting is you can let people to access web sites faster. If you have a one web site for Germany and one for USA then people in Germany can access to the web site hosting in a German server faster than one in USA. This can be a big advantage for online store sites and also game servers.

Offshore hosting usually is not cheap as US based hosting. But still you can find cheap offshore hosting services. There are several reliable cheap offshore hosting services which offer VPS under $10 per month. You don't get managed hosting or cPanel for this cheap but you can manage. The biggest downside of cheap offshore hosting is these might have uptime problems. at least few years ago it was like that. Now connections, servers and everything has improved so can find better services.

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