Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cheap VPS Hosting In Netherlands

Cheap VPS Hosting In Netherlands

Iniz / Web Phase Limited or Former StormVZ has started new offshore web hosting service where they provide Cheap VPS Hosting In Netherlands. Their Cheap offshore VPS packages start from $6.18 to up. Iniz is budget  VPS provider which based on UK but offer servers in both US and UK. They do a great job as a budget VPS provider because you won't see lots of negative reviews about them. Also they offer some great deal of resource for their VPS packages. Iniz is a premium member at Web Hosting Talks Forum and their owner Patrick Hayward is an active member there. So If you have any problems you can talk to him directly there. You can talk to him and sort things out since he is  a pretty reasonable guy.

There new Cheap Offshore VPS service is called Openvz.io and This is probably one good place to get Cheap VPS Hosting In Netherlands. At the moment they have four VPS packages and if you Buy annually then you get 2 months absolutely free. Smallest package is £4 a month and you get 3 vCores, 50 GB space, 3072 MB RAM and 1000 GB Bandwidth and 1 free IP address. Highest Package is £10 per month or £100 per year and you get 4 vCores, 125 GB space, 6144 MB RAM and 2000 GB Bandwidth and 1 free IP address. Additional IPv4s are available on request at £1.50/mo per IP address. They do offer IPv6 addresses too but not by default. If you need your free IP changed to a IPv6 then submitting a ticket will be enough.

Their servers are powered by (minimum spec) Dual Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2620, 64GB-128GB ECC RAM, 6 x 2TB Enterprise SATA, 2 x 256GB Samsung SSD and Redundant 1Gbps Ports. Sounds like they do have some Reliable hardware setup. Remember you are getting these VPS for £4 a month which means just 6.18 US dollars. At the moment Iniz seems offer VPS only. No shared, reseller or Dedicated servers. But you can ask them about this for farther details. Maybe they do offer custom accounts.

Make sure to read their TOS carefully and understand everything there. They do not offer refunds expect only in few cases if they decide to give a refund. So Make sure to what you can do and can't do. I'm not sure if they offer free trials so this is another thing you should ask their sales team. Their TOS says you can't use these Offshore VPS for Mass Mailing, IRC Networks , Torrents & Warez, Minecraft or for Streaming / TOR / Phishing Sites / Proxy Scanners / Public Proxies/VPNs. This is not all. Just read Iniz TOS to find more details and ask them about anything which is not clear. Do this BEFORE buying since they do not offer refunds.

If there is a promo code box then try " WHT25 ". You will get 25% off for life if this promo code is still valid. If you are looking for cheap VPS from Netherlands or cheap offshore VPS this is something you should check.

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