Monday, June 24, 2013

Web Hosting Providers Who Offer Phone Support

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If you are looking for Web hosting providers who offer phone support I you will need to have a reasonable budget. Cheap web Hosting package providers or those who offer low budget solutions usually don't offer phone support. Also Web hosting providers who have out sourced their support process can't offer phone support either. Not when you have your Support center somewhere like India and Client base on Europe or North America. This is not web hosting providers fault. Who can offer $1 web hosting with phone support. Only big companies like Godaddy and Hostgator can offer cheap web Hosting with Phone support because they are ultra huge client base so their cost is  not so high. I don't think any Hosting provider offer toll-free call support anymore like early days of internet. In those days shared hosting account cost aroun $50-$100 per month of they had no problem giving toll-free call support.

These days both shared and VPS hosting providers prefer ticket systems. They are some good and practical reasons for this. One of the good reason for both provider and client is Ticket system provides a paper trail which can be helpful in tricky situations. Also if the support ticket handling given to someone else, new support person able to see how it has gone so far. Client doesn't have to pour the whole story again and then go through same questions and answers. This can make resolution time is significantly down which save money for both hosting providers and customers. Also it's cheaper for both parties. Specially if customer is in other side of the world then IDD call fees can give him pretty bad final bill after a lengthy call. Also ticket system and typing you problem make less chance to make any misunderstandings because of language barrier or phone connection quality. Good Ticket system can work better than phone support most of the time and cost effective too. There are only few situations where there would be no other solution but phone support like if you have your internet down or connection is slow.

All big hosting companies like Godaddy, Hostgator and BlueHost provider phone support and some web hosting providers only offer call support for sales and billing. So make sure they offer technical support through phone if you are going for a hosting company just because phone support then make things clear by contacting them before buying. This will help avoiding later problems. It's same when it come to phone support. High-end VPS providers like LiquidWeb, WiredTree and BigScoots do offer full phone support for all areas like sales, billing and technical support. And Some other VPS providers like KnownHost only provider phone support for sales and billing. Don't expect phone support from budget VPS providers. They simply can't provide it with cheap prices they offer.

Phone support won't fix everything problem you have about hosting package or server. Most good web hosting providers reply to their support tickets within 10-15 minutes which fine for most problems. If you are badly need 24/7 phone support for everything the best post you have is expensive providers like LiquidWeb which cost a lot. Also photo support never work 24/7 as some providers claim. Like some UK providers won't provider support on Sundays. Strange but it's the truth.

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