Friday, June 28, 2013

NameCheap Shared Web Hosting

NameCheap Shared Web Hosting

Since I have talked about Godaddy and hostgator bit too often as cheap hosting providers (they are not so cheap unless you want to run a forum) Someone anonymous why I don't mention anything about NameCheap shared web hosting packages. So I this little bit of digging and decided to make a post about their hosting packages.  Namecheap is more known as a Domain registration company than a web hosting provider. NameCheap Domain registration service is top notch. They are hassle free and keep everything clean and professional. maybe few dollars expensive than Godaddy but they don't put you through an advertising jungle when you try to buy something. They have a good name and big client base. They have stared offering web hosting services in early 2007 or late 2006. I think early days were bit a mess because they has some trouble with their hosting services. Some of their clients were not very impressed but some others stayed with them faithful. Now they seems providing a solid service and slowly growing bigger too. They probably have a 5000 - 15000 strong client base already not something you can compare with Godaddy or Hostgator but these guys are late boomers so should give them some credit.

Their cheapest web hosting package is $3.95 per month which is $47.40 for year. But unlike at Godaddy or Hostgator you have to pay annually. If you are willing to pay for 2 years then you get it for $3.45 per month. Good thing is you can host 5 domains in this basic package. at Godaddy and Hostgator you can only host single domain at their cheapest web hosting package. Also you get 25 GB RAID protected disk space and unlimited bandwidth like everywhere else these days. Also you get cPanel ! which don't get at NameCheap Hosting offer 14 day money back guarantee too. But always read the TOS / small print before buying. Always you should know what are their limits, when it comes to any web hosting provider.

Namecheap also have another 3 shared web hosting packages Professional Hosting ($5.95/m), Ultimate Hosting($9.95/m) and Business Expert Hosting($16.95/mo). I'm not going to put all details about these since these packages are not exactly cheap hosting. You can get decent VPS for $6 per month without cPanel. You can find more details about these packages from their web site. They do have another web sites specially for web hosting too. Which is

I think Namecheap cheap shared hosting package is pretty good for running a forum too, providing they wouldn't kick you out like one of those people runs cheap web hosting service in a reseller account. They are primarily a domain registration company. You are not going to get anything special for having both domain and hosting from same company. Also the common believe is do these 2 tasks in 2 separate companies rather than one place. This is because you will not have crisis same time in both domain names and your hosting account if you have these in different companies. Like Domains at Namecheap and Hosting at Hostgator.

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