Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cheap VPS Hosting vs Cheap Shared Hosting

Cheap VPS Hosting vs Cheap Shared Hosting

Sometimes when your web site become too much for a shared hosting provider. Never bother about those sayings like unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space. These are only Nice words nothing more. Imagine your site need 500 GB Bandwidth per month. You won't able to host a site with this kind of activity in a shared hosting account. This like this will need a Dedicated Server it self to handle such a load. Nobody can give unlimited resources. Read TOS of these web hosting services and you will find what are there "Limits". There won't be a difference between normal shared hosting account and unlimited shared hosting account. There's always  CPU percentage you can use and if you exceed this often provider gonna ask you to upgrade or move out. But there are a big difference between one guy Hosting company which offer you a cheap shared hosting package with unlimited resources and Big company which offers cheap shared hosting package with unlimited resource. These small hosting providers either using a reseller account or a cheap VPS. They won't able to do much about a site with heavy load. But big companies like Godaddy and Hosgator use Dedicated servers for host their shared hosting accounts. So you can last longer with one of these bigger hosting providers.

But sooner or later they will last you to upgrade. I have a forum which I maintain for one of my best friends. It's forum about Manga Artists and have around 500 active members. Once we got around 50 or so daily active users none of those cheap shared hosting providers could deal with our forum. We had to move to Cheap shared hosting package at Godaddy.com and those days paid $5 per month for it. We had a good time there for more than 2 years before trouble starts. The forum started getting more active members and finally Godaddy sent a mail asking ask to upgrade to one of their VPS or move out. Their VPS insanely expensive so we bought our first VPS.

There are unmanaged VPS and mangaed VPS. Managed VPS means they will take care of all technical stuff like installing the server, trouble shooting it and also upgrade software. Also they will fix thing if you mess things. It's just like shared hosting with more features and capacity but with bigger price tag. Managed VPS cost you over $18 per month at least depending on support and sever specs. Unmanaged VPS is much cheaper but they just give you an empty server box which need to be installed. You can buy a good unmangaed VPS from $5 to upwords. If you search bit you will able to find a cheap VPS which comes with decent support and features. Never go for those cheap VPS offers which comes with impractical prices like $1 per month of like that. Don't expect service to be same as one of those $20 VPS packages from reputed providers. Also uptime matters too. If you are going to use a VPS you should test it at least a month before moving your serious sites. Usually you might able to get one month free trial from these VPS providers. You can test the uptime, server speed, support and everything else before buying.

I learned all these by hard way. Bought couple of ultra cheap VPS when I was new to all these. Some were down most of the time and Some had zero support when I want help. So it is very important to read user reviews before going for an VPS. Price is not the biggest factor when it comes to VPS hosting.

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