Monday, June 17, 2013

Cheapest Web Hosting

Cheapest Web Hosting

When I was new to all these hosting and after I realized free web hosting is not the real deal at I had thought, I was looking for the cheapest web hosting services I could find. Well I was going to have another shocker. Cheapest Web Hosting is not the real thing ! I wouldn't accept this still I had several quite a messy disasters. $1 web hosting was mouth watering and irresistible but service would be terrible. You find your site down several times a day and sometimes have to reinstall everything. Support staff wouldn;t be always not available probably because usually these cheap web hosting services run buy a single who is running a ultra cheap VPS or reseller account. If you have a forum with decent amount of activity then never ever use ultra cheap web hosting, You are going to loose your data sooner or later (being there).

For a big blog or small but active forum the best choice of cheap web hosting is getting a cheapest hosting account from Big company like Godaddy or Hostgator. This going to cost you at least $5 per month but this is the only way to make sure your dynamic sites will run properly, You won't get lots of nice stuff but these big companies offer you incredible amount of resources for very cheap price. Use them till you can afford an VPS. Cheap or not always take backups when you are on a low budget hosting account. Web Hosting providers never good at keeping regular backups. It's always clients job to take backups of their own sites and don't blame Hosting service providers later.

If you are going to buy cheap web hosting then buy form someone had been around for years and someone who is a member of popular forums. Don't buy hosting from nice new guy who offer you it for ultra cheap prices. You don't know the guy and how nice he is when it comes to support. I have met few guys who had no idea how to treat their clients and pretend like they are giving us a free service. If you are not satisfied with a cheap hosting provider then just move on don't bother waiting their service to be improved. Also one of the most important thing about cancelling a hosting account is take complete backups of everything before you break the news to service provider. I have seen so many ugly fights between clients and providers about this.

If you want to find cheapest web hosting then the best place to find these is web hosting or webmaster forums. Read reviews and find this how long this hosting provider has been in business and also how long he has been a member of this forum. Also check his domain name in Domaintools and there you can see how old is his domains. If he say he has been in business for 10 years but domain is only 2 years old then either he is lying or he has change the business name. People never change good business names only if they are having some kind of problems or if they have sold their service to someone else. Also never keep your important sites in these cheap hosting account. Only static smaller sites should be kept in these.

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