Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best Free Hosting Panel for VPS

If you are going to buy an unmanaged cheap VPS then main problem you get is you have to do everything by your self. If you are newly moved to VPS territory from shared hosting this gonna look like a  totally new world to you. Provider gives you login details for VPS control panel and shell access. You can install OS from your VPS panel but installing rest is bit hard and you have to do those through Shell mode. There you need to install a Hosting control panel for your VPS. cPanel cost you at least $5 - $10 a month so all most all VPS owners use one of those free hosting control panels listed below,

  • Kloxo
  • Webmin & Virtualmin
  • zPanel
  • ISPConfig
  • OpenPanel
  • VHCS
  • SysCP
  • GNUPanel
  • EHCP
  • BlueOnyx
Each of these have their own strong points and weak points. Most popular are Kloxo, Webmin & Virtualmin and zPanel. Webmin & Virtualmin is a great combo and work great with low resource VPS but it's not easy to get used to it and have bit long learning curve. zPanel is a new addition to free control panels but this need some high amount RAM and not great for VPS with less than 1 GB RAM unless you know how to tweak it.

Kloxo is the most popular and widely use free hosting panel for cheap vps users. It looks very much like cPanel and has very nice GUI and panel features. If you are a cPanel fan then you will be fine with Kloxo. You need to have at least 512 MB RAM to run Kloxo unless you know how to disable unwanted options. Some say 256 MB RAM is enough but that's only for control panel alone. You need at least another 150 - 200 MB for rest of the tasks like OS and SQL servers. Best thing about Kloxo is, user friendliness of it. Installing Kloxo is very easy even for someone who do it for first time. There are plenty of Tutorials about How to install Kloxo and all you have to follow one of those. Very little chance you encounter a problem unlike other free control panels.

My favorite free control panel is Kloxo. I have tried rest but couldn't get along with any of those. One problem with Kloxo is it's not compatible with CentOS 6 or newer so far. Also there are lots of ranting about the panel has security holes and others saying all of these are patched. But needless to say Kloxo is great for your low-end VPS needs. It might be not same as cPanel when to comes to performance and security. But if you are looking for a Cheap VPS which probably would be a low-end box then this is one of the best options out there for you. You won't use $10 per month for cPanel license if only pay for $5 per month for a Cheap VPS. But if you are going to buy a $50 VPS then adding cPanel is something you must do. If you compare both paid and free hosting control panels none of the other panels come even closer to cPanel.
Kloxo Panel


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