Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Free Web Hosting VS Cheap Web Hosting

Cheapest Web Hosting
I have seen many just react like they heard about devil when someone ask if free web hosting is good or not. Usually when this question is asked in forums everyone jump into chant Free Hosting is terrible and only Paid hosting rules. So many Cheap Hosting Services and Free Hosting Services. I know When it comes to Free web Hosting VS Cheap Web Hosting many of you will just recommend cheap web hosting is better than free web hosting. This is the common believe. But does that have any truth in it ? Free Web Hosting is that scary as everything tell ?  I have used every type of Hosting by now except for dedicated servers. and I think Free Web hosting is good as cheap web hosting, as long as for what you are going to use it. Lets see how these 2 services match.

Support is the common problem for both free hosting and cheap hosting. Owners can't offer you top notch support like one of those high-end hosting providers willing to offer. If provider give you the service for free or for just one $1-$3 per month How can they offer such good support ? they simply can't. Users should understand this and also providers should clearly state this in their web site. What you get is what you paid for.  I think Support forum is a great way for both free and cheap hosting providers. There members can help each other in most of causes like when some newbie ask about how to use cPanel to add a domain or for things like these. It can save great deal of time for both parties than going through support tickets.

Another common problem is Uptime. Free and Cheap hosting services often get down times mainly because users try to abuse these services. They would try to use those resource eating scripts or sending spam emails still servers get over loaded or suspend by the network provider whoever at top of the hosting food chain. So it's important for providers to make sure your servers won't get abused or when you find someone do, you have to take action fast. This is why sometimes some free or cheap hosting services get some bad reviews. Some clients would abuse the service and then when they get kicked out they try to post negative reviews everywhere. So this is something both Providers and Users understand. Providers need to keep an eye on their servers for this and Users can understand that provider don't do much about it if downtime's stay longer.

There are very good free web hosting services like FriHost,com. They provide post to host type service and its very easy to keep your account. All you have to do is make bunch of posts in their forum and you can then forget about it for a month or so. They do provide good support too (forum based). There are other free hosting providers like Free Hostia and 000webhost. These guys are good too much maybe support won't be that fast. and they have loads of more restrictions. FriHost and Free Hostia has very little downtime.

Some good thing about Cheap Hosting is almost every cheap web hosting provider offer cPanel as control panel. Not many Free web Hosting providers can do that (FriHost does). This is one big advantage cheap web hosting has over free hosting. But again most hosting panels are easy to use and have all same features and options.

Free Web Hosting
is great for static sites. Specially those new sites with little traffic. They usually have lots of PHP and Apache restrictions so it's hard to run WordPress with plugins. You will get better chance for Blogs with Cheap web hosting. But You should not run forums in both these type of hosting services. They can't handle forums. You won't have nice ending there. So you need to think practically before hosting sites in these places. Always chose right site for right hosting service. Don't expect a lot from something you get from free or cheap. If you want better service then pay more and go for better provider.

This is my opinion on Free Web Hosting VS Cheap Web Hosting. Both these services are good as long as you know for what you should use those. Only way to find out a good hosting service is trying those out. It's same free , cheap or high-end services.

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