Sunday, December 1, 2013

BlackFriday Web Hosting Deals

BlackFriday Web Hosting Deals

BlackFriday is great time for finding cheap web hosting deals. I wanted to buy few good but ultra cheap shared hosting accounts from various providers so I have keep my eyes peels for this. Also I was looking for good VPS deals. There are so many people who were offering mouth watering web hosting deals for both Shared and VPS accounting but I had to make sure I only buy from providers who have a better reputation..
If you are in market for cheapest web hosting deals then you can't find a better time than BlackFriday!

So I have several my own condition which I was search for these cheapest web hosting services. First to see if the provider has any negative reviews and why. This is important when you buy cheap hosting. Cheap means they have very little profit margin so you get less attention too. This is why I was search about Big companies with good offers. But I'm I found some small web hosting providers with really cool offers and they have been in this Web hosting field for a long time.

My price rage for shared hosting was $1 - $2. Yeah it's way too cheap but these accounts are not for big traffic sites. Also I was not looking for big stuff. My requirements were 15+ Addon domains, at least 1GB space, 10GB bandwidth, cPanel and other usual stuff like mail and mysql. You need to pay semi annually or annually for these accounts but that's something I liked too. It's not worth for hosting providers to collect a $1 every month and it's too troublesome for me too.

I was interesting in buying C class IP for each of my shared packages but it's not something practical or web hosting providers like. It doesn't worth the hassle since it  they won't make much profit from it. I found couple of web hosting providers who offer dedicated IPs with shared hosting for $1 - $3 per month per IP but I chose only one of them since the provider given a great offer and also service seems very good.

I bought four shared hosting accounts from different web providers and One very cheap VPS account. No point of buying too many same times since these take time to check and test. Also Christmas is coming so there will be more offers soon. I'll review and talk about each of these web hosting packages in later posts.

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