Friday, August 2, 2013

Wordpress not included in Softacuous free version

Well I was excited too see Softacuous which has great free version and lot better than Fantastico. But I asked it to be added to one of my VPS and found they don't have Wordpress in free version. I guess it make sense from their side. Wordpress probably is the most used php or any other script in the world and if you have it in free version then nobody would buy Softacuous premium version. It might have 200 scripts but who need all of these.

Only 3 scripts I work with everyday are Wordpress, SMF and myBB. But you don't make forums everyday so Wordpress is the only one I use most of the time. I guess Joomla maybe used a lot too but not like Wordpress. I wish Softacuous free version has Wordpess but it's fine I can do it manually. Or If I really want I can buy the premium version which is only $1 per month. But I really not need it since I don't sell hosting going to use this server to create WP blogs everyday. Wordpress only take less than 15 minutes get it up and running including essential plugins. Also when I do it manually I always keep a copy of config file so it sometimes very useful.

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