Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hostgator Downtime ?

Hostgator Downtime  

Seems people complaining more and more about down-times at Hostgator. This is know of supirsing because Many believe Hostgator is the best shared hosting provider (maybe not anymore). Even I used to tell anyone who ask me about a cheap web hosting provider for an active forum or site I would recommend Hostgator or Godaddy. Because both can handle sites which other shared hosting providers might not able to handle. Also Both have great uptime record. I don't use these 2 anymore since I have moved my sites to several VPS providers who are super great but I really had nothing to complain when I used shared hosting packages at Godaddy and Hostgator. I seldom had to contact customer support and never about uptime. Sites were always up I don't remember having downtimes at all while I was using (2 years).

I have noticed a thread where many complain about downtimes and quality of Hostgator hosting at  Warriorforum. Not those who have no idea what they are doing but those who are serious about their sites because they do earn money and a downtime can be a serious disaster for a big web site. Some believe all these has starting happeing after the Hostgator company has take over by Endurance International Group. I really don't know this has anything to do it recent problems. Sometimes people just tell these stuff.

According to the Hostgator Facebook page ( Here ) they are experiencing data center problems and had even an outage yesterday. Also that they were upgrading equipment. as to the Facebook page

Services should virtually all be returning to normal. This upgrade clearly did not go as planned (we realize this is an understatement), and it truly should have been transparent and seamless. We realize that apologies do not properly compensate for unexpected issues like this, however we want to thank everyone that commented to us with understanding and positive messages while we worked to resolve this. Your understanding is appreciated.
Hope things will workout for Hostgator users. Nobody like to see down-times specially when you are paying money not to have down-times and headaches. But sometimes things happen which can't be controlled. Whatever it is Hostgator must be doing their best to sort out the mess. They have a good reputation in web hosting business and I don't think they want it to be trash it.

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