Monday, March 17, 2014

Magmahost Sending Ghost Invoices

I used Magmahost in early 2008 for couple of months and suddenly everything was gone and couldn't login. Later I found the company was sold to another and then there was so chaos and sites were down most of the time rather than up. I only had couple of Macro sites there so I just moved to another cheap web hosting provider and forgot about the whole drama. I think you can still find longs topics at members were complaining about this company. It was a 1 Dollar hosting company and I never thought wasting time for complaining about a company like that is worth.But they were kept sending invoices which pissed me because even after e-mailing them I don't use their service anymore still they continue doing it.

Anyway They stopped it after another more email addressing about the matter bit strongly and I remember getting those invoices again.Another mail stopped it and now again after few years I'm getting their invoices again. I just don't get it. Did someone else again bought this crappy company and decided to send invoices to everyone in the mailing list ? Still I shouldn't receive invoices because last time they said they removed my mail from the list!

This is what happen when you are going to cheapest web hosting services you find. Not all most most of these services are a waste of time and money.

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