Friday, January 3, 2014

TuguHost Shared Hosting

I have posted about TuguHost before and it's been over a month now since I bought a cheap vps from them. So far I haven't had a single problem there even thought I haven't push the limits yet. I don't have to write a TuguHost review about vps here but I think if you are looking for a cheap but reliable shared hosting service then you can check their cheap shared hosting packages. From those web hosting packages I bought with BlackFriday discount prices they are one of the few with best uptime and speed. There are several reasons why I think you should try them,

  • Their shared hosting packages start from $2 per month. You can 99 Addon domains, unlimited My SQL databases, cPanel and Softcalculus, 2GB space and 20GB transfer for that. It's worth giving it a try with such a cheap price.
  • Uptime is 99% for last whole month for my vps. It's really important to have a really good uptime because it doesn't matter whatever the hosting package or type or if you and unimportant web sites there you don't want to see your sites down.
  • Support is important too because if they answer your questions or tickets when somethings wrong then it's pretty much useless even how cheap is the service. TguHost support is pretty good and those who I talked are friendly.
  • One if the really cool fact for those who are looking for cheap web hosting is they offer cheap offshore hosting too for same price! You can choose your server from several locations like US,Netherland,Germany,English And Singapore.
I think these points alone worth give them a try. This might sounds like promotion but I really do live let them have few more client if I can because I really enjoy their service. I don't know if their affiliate program is active but I thought use the url from that so I can track if anyone try them after reading my post. :)

You can check all their packages and offers >>  Here

I'll do another review about the vps when I start running few Wordpress blogs there. Then I can see how plugs work and how the servers handle those. Right now the price of Basic VPS package is $5 per month and $40 if you pay annually I think. But you can start from their cheap shared hosting packages and see how their uptime and support first.


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