Tuesday, December 3, 2013

TuguHost Hosting Review

TuguHost Hosting Review

I bought a vps account from TuguHost from their Blackfriday offer. I saw this offer at both WHT and Lowendtalk so decided giving it a try. I wanted account with at least 512 Guaranteed RAM so I can run a control panel like Kloxo (my plan was to try VirtualMin). I went for basic plan with,

  • OpenVZ / SOLUSVM Control Panel.
  • Equal Share CPU.
  • 25 GB Disk space.
  • 250 GB bandwidth.
  • 1 IP Address.
With discount code I bought this account for an annual payment of $20. It's cheap for even un-managed  vps but not the cheapest. These days most average vps has at least 1GB Ram so this can be put as a low-end range. But it's a decent configuration which enough to run a vps without a problem. I was searching for the cheapest web hosting offers in Blackfriday and I wanted to see if I can get a cheap vps or two same time too.

I did a search for TuguHost Reviews in Google but couldn't find any. Tuguhost WHT promo topic says they are an Indonesia Hosting company which Established in 2012. So fairly new web hosting company. New doesn't mean bad at all even thought I usually careful about new companies. They have contact details in their Whois information which is a great. I don't like companies which high their location and contact details. You can find all contact details of TuguHost  there in Whois.

TuguHost TOS looks okey and I was told by their WHT representative that legal adult stuff is fine even though TOS says "Legal adult content is allowed however it cannot be the main focus of your website.". So it's better open a Ticket and find more about this if you plan to host fully adult or pornographic websites.

It took me over 24 hours to receive account details the vps. I waited for nearly 48 hours and then contact support and asked about. They "resend" account details mail even though I'm 100% sure I hadn't received it before. I was keep checking Inbox and SPAM folder time to time. Anyway I shouldn't opened a ticket right away not after 24 hours and also it's Blackfriday weekend so I guess it's fine.

TuguHost Support has been very good. Better than I expected because I received replys for all most all questions in ticket system within an hour and most of it within  30 minutes. It's an un-managed vps which costonly $20 so I was not expecting a lot. I hope support will stay like this.

No downtime or any problems since then. Still it's only 2 days since I have received the vps so it's too early to say more. But I'm happy with how things have gone with my vps at TuguHost so far. Will do a  another review in a month or so about uptime and support as well as speed.


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