Tuesday, December 24, 2013

ReliableCore Web Hosting Review

ReliableCore Web Hosting Review

I bought a shared web hosting account from ReliableCore.com last month when they offer this cool $4.95 a year shared hosting packages for Black friday. Yup time is very good and their support is fast too. But there is one major draw back for me.

They do not allow you to run JetPack plugin with your Wordpress. Or you can't run JetPack plugin at ReliableCore Web hosting. This is a major blow to me since most of my sites are Wordpress blogs and JetPack is one of the main plugins I use in every single Wordpress blog. Since they were not interesting to do anything about it I moved to all Wordpress blogs from there and left few static html sites.

Well after all it's like $5 for whole year so this should be a big deal unless you use Wordpress. I have bought several cheap web hosting packages for BlackFriday offers from different web hosting providers this is the only time I had a problem.

So I thought about writing a review of ReliableCore web hosting and give a heads up about it. There support is good and reply fast. Also uptime is very good. I think they have same offer for Chirstmas too if anyone interested. But if you want to run Wordpress blogs then this is not your Web hosting provider.

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